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"Can you imagine bringing a performer back 4 or 5 times?  What about 7 times? That’s how many times we have had Jim Witter here on our stage.  Jim and his wonderful sidemen are always a delight.  He is such a fine musician, he’s so personable and his shows are just plain fun!  Our audiences are always asking WHEN will Jim be back?  What’s his new show?   Presenters – you cannot go wrong with this man!  Need a recommendation?  Just call."

Felice Jorgeson | Artistic Director

Smoot Theatre- Parkersburg, West Virginia


When theatres begin stopping the presses in order to rebook a show, you know that you have a winner! Jim’s six musical journey shows have grown from being “hidden treasures” to the shows that season ticket holders clamour for! Both symphony and performing arts audiences have become Jim Witter devotees. Not only do his shows deliver consistent quality but Jim finds a way to create that special magic that transforms an audience of strangers into what look seem members of the same graduating class.  


Jim Witter has been entertaining crowds for over 30 years. Whether sharing his original music, the music of Billy Joel and Elton John, or any of the other many artists he pays tribute to, Jim’s versatility as an artist has allowed him the opportunity to reach out with his infectious personality endearing himself to audiences of all ages across Canada, the United States and the world. His witty sense of humour and warm rapport makes each one of his musical journeys a special “feel good” experience. 


 Jim's original production “The Piano Men”, has been enjoyed by fans for over 15 years now and is still a favourite with theatre goers everywhere!  Audience demand for more “Jim Witter”, led to Jim’s second production entitled “Still Rock ‘n Roll to Me”, a sequel to the popular “Piano Men” show with more music from Billy and Elton and more memories of the 70’s and into the 80’s. Since then four more Jim Witter productions ranging from the Beatles to Barry Manilow have been created when year after year concert promoters and audiences wanted more!!   To see a Jim Witter journey is to become an immediate raving fan!  You will leave feeling refreshed, nostalgic and quite possibly having made some new friends!  Show after show, year after year, Jim and his amazing band share their memories and incredible gifts with thousands of cheering fans!  The talent in this band is second to none and, under Jim's leadership they consistently bring audiences to their feet again and again.    Run, don’t walk to catch these shows!  Jim Witter’s Musical Journeys

"Over the past 15 years, we've come to know that when Jim Witter is on stage with our orchestra, we'll end the evening with our audience on its feet cheering and wanting more.  It's always a joy to collaborate with Jim -- our musicians love making music with him, and patrons love listening.  Thanks for the terrific concerts and the great memories, Jim.


Rob McAlear | Artistic Administrator

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

​"All I can say is WOW!!!   The show, the performances and the whole evening was a BIG SMASH!
Tony Walsh
Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts

“What a wonderfully fanciful flight back in time. Couple this with his marvellous voice and evocative piano technique, it’s little wonder this totally sold-out performance last week was a symbiotic love-in.” 

  • Ontario Arts Review

"People are still raving about it—one of the best shows we’ve ever had!  Hope to bring them back next season!!"

Molly Sasse

Executive Director,

Chattanooga Symphony 

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