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"....when you told me that Jim Witter's Piano Men was a wonderful show, I hoped for the best.  I could not have imagined the wonderful feedback we received.  My development vp told  me that she had never received so many complimentary e-mails about a show in her five years here.  From my tech guys (a hard-boiled bunch, to be sure) to the front office, Jim was a staff fave.  Combine that with an audience begging for a return.....a real winner.  Thank you, thank you...a great act!"

Shelley Brown

State Theatre

Easton, PA


Dear Jim,


 What a wonderful experience all around! We get no newspaper reviews for our Pops shows, but EVERY comment has been glowing in every way. Some folks have told us it was the most fun they've ever had at Pops. 


I really love working with you and the Band, Jim. What a wonderfully easy, professional, terrific time. One member of the orchestra, a seasoned veteran out of Chicago, told me it was among his fondest Pops experiences, ever!

Robert Bernhardt 

 Chattanooga Symphony


This was our best  performance so far this season.  Jim Witter and his ensemble were engaging with the audience, musically sound, highly entertaining with the iconic images playing on the screen while they played and it was a joy to have the artist personally thank - by name - all who helped them and thank the audience for taking a chance on an artist unknown to them.  He also put a part in about the arts that I loved having reiterated to our patrons.  I've never had so many patrons stay after and seek me out to ask to have him back. 

Will highly recommend him!

Patricia White

Nampa Civic Center

Hi!  The show was superb.  I had more feedback from this one than any other show this season, including several Facebook posts asking me to bring them back.



Thomas Hensel

Moraine Valley, Palos Hills, IL

 "Saturday’s performance was a huge success. The group has great stage presence and from the first note played, the audience was captivated, and Jim knew just how to relate to our rather “senior” crowd.  Jim was so easy to work with as were the other members of the group.

Please pass along a most sincere thank you to them for a great start to our season!"

Maria Laqueur

Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts

Just a quick note to let you know how much we all enjoyed Jim Witter's Piano Men last night.

He puts on a remarkable show.

He got the audience totally involved, and my patrons love that.

He got a standing ovation, and they don't do that for everyone. It was truly worth the wait and the effort.


Bob Perry

Corpus Christi Concert Association


I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous weekend we had.  Three packed houses that completely loved Jim and the show!  It was a really great experience for all involved.  Jim and the band are extremely talented musicians and wonderful to work with.  

I’d love to look at bringing them back for our next season.


All the best,


Kimberly Koniecki

Phoenix Symphony

“I’ve now worked with Jim Witter and his wonderful band in some 6 cities in the U.S. and Canada, and I always look forward to the next time. Jim has a way of connecting with an audience that makes them feel as though they are in his living room. His band is excellent, and a dream to work with. Most of all, they are all terrific musicians and great people, and each and every time, they deliver a great show to a very happy audience.” 


Bob Bernhardt |Principal Pops Conductor

Louisville Orchestra, Grand Rapids Symphony 


Jim was again a great crowd pleaser and his Christmas Memories Show was a big hit.  He brought back a lot of memories for the patrons and made Christmas come alive for a lot of us.  The crowd was very impressed with him again and I know they will love to have me bring him back to do his Simon and Garfunkel Show.


Many of the communities had evening activities on Saturday, but all I can say is that I am sure none of them could top what we had happening at the Kirtland Center!


Donald E. Wray - Director

Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts

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