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                         starring jim witter

"The Long and Winding   Road"

No wigs. No costumes.  Just the incredible, timeless classic songs that took four young lads from Liverpool and placed them in the history books as the greatest pop/rock band of all time.  Join Jim Witter and his incredible band as they faithfully re-create some of the Beatles' greatest hits including "Hard Day's Night", Nowhere Man", "Help", "Hey Jude', "Let it Be", and countless others.  during this multi-media magical mystery tour you'll learn some interesting facts about how some of these songs came to be, and what inspired John and Paul to write arguably the most memorable music of our time.  Young and old will enjoy this fresh approach to presenting the music of two of pop music's most prolific songwriters.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!!

Almost show time...
"The long and winding road..."
"Eleanor Rigby..."
"Lead me to your door..."
With symphony orchestra
"Penny Lane is in my ears..."
"Love, love me do..."
"In the town where I was born..."
"Blackbird fly..."
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